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Michael Bonnough

Michael Bonnough

Financial Consultant

Michael Bonnough embarked on his illustrious financial advising journey over two decades ago, initially joining AllState as an insurance and financial agent. However, after five years of dedicated service, he recognized the limitations of offering only AllState products and made a pivotal decision in the best interest of his clients. With an unwavering commitment to their financial well-being, he ventured forth to establish his own independent financial and insurance practice.

Through his entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication, Michael has successfully cultivated a comprehensive, full-service insurance practice that spans across both Ohio and Florida. His ability to provide tailored solutions to his clients' unique needs has been instrumental in his journey to success. Recognizing the value of collaboration, he welcomed Stephen Poll to his team, leveraging his expertise to deliver exceptional financial advisory services.

Today, Michael continues to guide and advise clients with a client-centric approach, ensuring their financial goals are achieved with integrity and expertise. His unwavering commitment to independence and comprehensive solutions makes him a trusted partner in the realm of financial services.