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Things to Avoid When Choosing a Financial Advisor

| March 10, 2020
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I am going to go into some specific details of what to avoid when looking for an a financial advisor but before we get into those if you do not trust the person who is going to be handling your finances then you need to stop listening to them or change to another immeditally. I am a big beliver of gut intuitition and if you can tell that the person you are talking to does not have your best interset ar heart then you need to find someone else. 

1.) They dont ask questions. 

How is an advisor suppose to know what you want to accopmlish if they dont know your entire backround and your dreams. A big part of adivising is identifying the clients needs goals and risk tolereance. How are they supposed to do that if they are not asking you questions? 

2.) They are not fully licensed or educated

If an advisor is serious about their profession they should have more than the basline requirement to be able to sell financial and insurance products. Usally they should have 1 extra type of qualification along with their licenses. You do not need to hold a college degree to be an advisor. Having extra titles such as CFA, CPA or CFP can make up for a lack of degree. 

3.) They do not reach out annually 

Your financial situation changes annually and idealistically everyone should meet there advisor once a year for a check up. Not everyone can or wants to meet up but your advisor should care enough to make that happen. 

4.) Someone that does not educate you

Your advisor does not need to give a full blown lesson on economics or how to find the price of a stock or mutual fund but they should give you basic knowledge on the financial product you are looking to invest in. This also goes back to making sure your advisor asks questions because once they can base a product that best fits your needs and risk tolerance they should over lay potential products and the strengths and weeknesses of them. A big sign of if your advisor has done enouugh is if you are able to know why you are investing in your product and why that product works for you. 

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