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Super Tuesday, coronavirus, COVID-19, China

| March 03, 2020
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2 months in 2020 and we have had the possibility of ww3 and a pandemic. What will March bring? Sharknadoes?  Much like the threat of ww3 back in January not coming into fruition, the coronavirus has the same possibility. Once again, thanks for reading and make sure to spread the word of Clay Financial! 

Personal Finance:

Paying yourself first. Most people think they get their paycheck and are finally paid. Not really. First, you have the government taking a substantial amount from you immediately. Next, you have to pay your landlord or mortgage. After Netflix, Hulu, and other bills you are left with grocery money and a little spending money. This is why I advocate for automatic contributions to a retirement account. Set it and forget it. That way when you get your paycheck, you are investing in your future. You will have less money at the end of the day to spend but you will adjust over time. 

Market News: 

The stock market has dropped violently as of late due to global fears of the virus causing operational problems for many businesses in China and the USA and because of the uncertainty of the virus as a whole. Trump has been saying the drop is because of the lackluster democratic field running for the nomination. In my opinion, blaming the downmarket on the democrats is just good politics because they are doing the same by saying how unprepared the country is for the potential spread of the virus. I think we can just chalk it up to politics as usual. The virus and the trade war have shown investors one major flaw with the economic markets and that is the US is too dependent on China. From medicine to manufacturing the USA is now dependent on a swift recovery for China and the virus or it could spell trouble for the future of the market.


The democratic field is shrinking rapidly as we head into super Tuesday and the nation votes for the Democratic nomination. Sanders has shown strength in the early states which prompted Mike Bloomberg, former NY mayor and billionaire, to join the race by spending close to a billion dollars on his campaign. Warren was able to basically destroy Mike by bringing up his NDAs with multiple women in the past covering up multiple sexual assault allegations. Joe Bidden who won SC also got a jab in Mike by bringing up stop and frisk which Mike tried targeting minorities. Mike was woefully unprepared for these attacks and shows the ineptitude of himself and his advisors. My prediction is that the DNC once again rigs the nomination against Sanders and hands it to Biden. Either way, Trump will win whoever the nomination is. Sanders is being labeled as a socialist and if you have seen anything on Biden recently he basically doesn't know he is running for President. 

If you made it this far I greatly appreciate it! If you have a friend that is interested in politics or investing, please share the newsletter!


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