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Stock Market & Financial Advising Recap: January 2020

| February 03, 2020
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2020 has been off to a crazy start. We have had some major events that impacted the stock market on a grand scale from the potential of ww3 to the global threat of the carona virus. Thanks again for joining the Clay Financial Newsletter. 

Personal Finance Tip: 

What to invest in - This question is the exsact reason you have an adivsor in the first place. It is not as simple as saying invest 60% of your funds in this and the other 40% in that. It comes down to each individual, what risk they can take on, and what obligations they currently have and plan on in the future. The best advice, in my opinion, is investing in yourself. Be it an education, retirement, health, etc... you cant go wrong investing in you.

Market News: 

The stock market was on an absolute tear entering 2020 with no end in sight. Investors did not think it would end! Fears of the potenitiality of a conflict with Iran arose and a deadly virus from China has spread. The conflict with Iran was heated buy ultimatley fizzled out. The conrona virus seems to be cuasing international conflict with how it originated, be it man made or from meat contamination. The market has responded with volitility, fluctation, that does not seem to go away like this virus. The past couple years the market has only responded to news from China with the trade war. Not that phase 1 of the trade deal has been signed the market is now trying to make sense of this virus. Markets in the past during a international virus, swine flue and SARS, usally dip and take a month to recover. This new virus will test that theory. 


We are really hitting the trifecta this 2020 with ww3, virus and impeachment. Like ww3, it looks like impeachment is not going to happen. At least not in the Senate, as Republicans have the majority. This trial should be on every headline but because of the crazy events that have unfolded it has been put on the back burner. 

Bernie Sanders is making a progress in Iowa and early voting states and this has the potential to further political divide in this country. Estabilshed democrats worry that Warren or Biden will not get the nomination as socilism increases in popularity in the United States. 

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