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Quitting Coffee: My Journey

Quitting Coffee: My Journey

| April 20, 2020
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You might never meet someone who drinks more coffee than I do. I've been slugging about 3 pots of coffee per day for the past 2 years and before that, it was about 1 pot. I have gotten very good at quitting coffee as this will be my 7th attempt and I will be doing so by slowly deramping my addiction. 

Day 1 - Past 2 days I only had coffee in my protein shake as I usually don't drink that much coffee during the weekends. That being said, I usually get a couple of cups on no matter what. As of mid-day, I feel like I usually do. This usually happens until around day 3 when my entire life gets crushed and I can only sleep. 

Day 2 - Yesterday I got 10 hours of sleep. I was about to take a nap at noon today but went to get a monster. Cheating? Sure but this is about breaking my coffee habit. I have always loved coffee ever since I was young when they would give out little cups during after church grocery shopping. So its some messed up rewards system in my head probably. I have never been drawn to coffee for the caffeine incentives but for the taste of it. I have been drinking it black since I started. 

Day 3 - I tried to sell my coffee maker so that I don't even have the means to make one pot of coffee but the guy bailed on me. I have a one cup Mr. Coffee maker and a single cup Keurig in my basement but that would require a lot of cleaning. Got a solid 8 and half hours going to bed at 10 pm yesterday. Feel a lot more alert than yesterday. I do summarize that I will have to grab some type of energy drink so as to ween my self off and give myself some reward until the sleepiness wears off. 

Day 4 - I have sold my coffee pot and the kid who bought it from me was starting up a lawn care businesses. Fairly ironic because I first bought that coffee maker when I was starting Clay Financial. Let's try to see me drink 3 pots of coffee let alone make 3. I have today once again purchased an energy drink as a reward because I am extremely unmotivated as before. 

Day 5 - I took a mid-day nap from 4 - 5 pm but it Friday. I am visiting a friend and they have a nice coffee maker and I will be staying the weekend. One cup won't hurt?

Day 6 - I drank a massive $4 Redbull this morning. I also had a little cup of joe. Sue me. There is nothing better than the bitter taste of coffee in the AM. I love the taste of coffee and I always have. I am not a big pop/soda drinker or tea even but I do drink a lot of water so coffee is what offsets me.

Day 7 - Another little cup of joe.

Day 8 - So unmotivated. Little energy guy midday. 

Day 9 - Absolutely no motivation to do anything. I believe that Coffee is the reason I get up in the morning at a reasonable hour. If I work out before that I will even get up soon than that but without the gym and no coffee, it is fairly difficult to do work that is not needed of me. I could go for a run but man it takes a while for my body to get adjusted to run and I like running after I finish my workday so its something to look forward to. I did order 2 large cups of McDonalds coffees today. I was so drained. The selling of the coffee pot was the biggest thing and I need to ween my self off. 

Day 10 - Another McDonalds at 3pm today. I was so tired.

Day 11 - Same as day 10 

Day 12 - Check day 11 



Day 15 -  Day 3. I went to bed at 9:30 pm yesterday and still woke up so tired at 7am. I was waiting for a weekend to not drink coffee because normally I just don't have time or its out of the way. Looking to keep this momentum up for the next 15 days. You know that feeling of Chlorine in your eyes after not using goggles in the pool? That's pretty much how I feel all day. It's not that Im tired but that my eyes hurt. I suggest to never go down this path that I am taking. 

Day 16 - Probably the best I have felt in a long time. Not tired all day. I keep waking up earlier and earlier. Normally I would try to work out but the gyms are closed.

Day 17 - Feeling slightly tired today but better than I was before I started this. This is day 5 of no caffeine and I feel if I get to this weekend I am in the clear. My plan after this is to only drink coffee on trips and if I am at a coffee shop but considering the global pandemic that does not seem to be happening any time soon. 

Day 18 - Woke up at 6am then was forced to take 30min nap at 8am. I do not know how people get off coffee when they have headaches, I have never had a headache any of the times I quit coffee and I have to chalk that up to that I'm probably the most hydrated person you know. If I was getting headaches i don't think I could do this. I would probably have had to take a week off of work. The constant tiredness matched with head pounding would have been too much for me. 

Day 19 - Bought some Kcups. Only one a day. None on the weekends.

Day 20 - I feel I am finally over my addiction. 

Who knew a global pandemic would get me to curve my coffee addiction! Well, one thing I learned is that I am a creature of my environment. Once I got rid of the coffee pot maker it was impossible to even make that much coffee. The environment can make or break some people so it looks like I will be more aware of mine going forward. 

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