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Novemember Recap

| December 10, 2019
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Happy Thanksgiving! One more month of the decade so make it a good one! Thanks again for joining the Clay Financial Newsletter. 


Personal Finance Tip: 

Cheap cars - Cars will more than likely be the biggest drain on your finances in your life, especially a new one. After the sticker price you need to take into consideration depreciation, gas, insurance and various other annual expenses. Cars continually eat away at your income well after you drive it off the lot. The peace of mind of not having to pay $600 a month (average American car payment) is worth it when your car is paid in full. 


Macro News: 

Consumer spending seems to be carrying the economy a long as Black Friday passes and cyber Monday is today. Black Friday saw Americans spend an estimated $7 billion online. 


The trade war seems to be at another standstill as phase 1 of the deal is still being negotiated. Will it ever end? It has been going on longer than expected. Trump brags about the economy constantly and how trade talks are going well but these talks are moving the market up or down depending on the news and have not made any progress since they started. 



The democratic candidates are gearing up for 2020. Joe Biden is the frontrunner for now. He has had some viral moments that do not paint him in the best light since he has hit the campaign trail. I REALLY suggest you look them up. Trump is bringing in record donations and Bernie Sanders bringing in the most donations for the democrats. 2020 means massive political coverage! 


Thank you and have great end of the decade! See you in 2020! 



Clay Finanancial

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