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Juul Long Term Effect

| August 17, 2020
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The fact that this new aged tobacco like vape juice and nicotine salts do not cause cancer is a load of bananas. Just like cigs back in the day when they said they were harmless and basically good for you and then everyone was mad when they found out smoking everyday was killing you. Well that’s probably whats happening now. Nothing new is under the sun. In 10 years minimum all these people juuling and vaping will form some new type of cancer that couldn’t have been know because the symptoms showed up decades later but they cant ban them because everyone is addicted. There is no way these products don’t cause cancer. Basically if you consume anything in the US it is going to cause you some type of cancer and you’re telling me inhaling vape juice and swallowing nicotine salt is not going to have adverse effects on you in someway?

If they don’t then why is the government adding the vice tax to it? If it was truly a healthy alternative that didn’t cause cancer than wouldn’t the government want to make this cheaper? I also find it hilarious that they band the fruit flavor Juuls but basically every type of ECIG has them.

They banned the Juul flavors because it attracted kids. If that is the case then why don’t they ban White Claws? It is the same concept and they target kids. Why does alcohol get the pass? There is really no reason why I should even care about this other than to point out how  ridiculous and terrible the government is at its job. I say ban it all or make a vice tax of 300%. If you are going to do it you might as well do it big. I believe the initial ban on the Juul flavors was because of deaths related to kids smoking CBD or something along those lines. If you just do a little more research its usually interesting what the government tries to get passed you.

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