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Grandmas Political Opinon

| August 18, 2020
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People LOVE sharing their political opinions on social media and its makes me want to get rid of my phone and live in Maine. First it was Trump, Russia all that and now its COVID, BLM and what ever Trump takes a stance on. Everyone has to be a political pundit. Your grandma probably has an opinion on Israel at this point. Good for them! I don’t really care but stop pretending that reposting an IG post on your story is going to change anything at all in the physical world. Other than signaling to likeminded people that you are down for the cause and putting off everyone else who doesn’t agree with you. Why alienate an entire group of people? We all live here and the issues we fight about are pretty understanding if you have a shred of empathy and think about the issues and how complex they are. I was about responding with a link to go volunteer or to donate money every time I see a post. Put your money were your mouth is. Butt that’s cringe.

To effect change in this world you got to be boots on the ground along with the internet stuff. Especially if you have no internet fame. Its embarrassing from when I look at it because really these people don’t care about the cause and they are just going along with the trend. Most people don’t know why they think the way that they do. You ever see the YouTube vids were some guy with a mic goes around a rally talking to the people? No one can explain their position or articulate anything other than an emotional response. Its probably why Trump will get reelected again. One side is overtly emotional forcing opinions on everyone and the other side is tuned off and want things to

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