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December Recap 2019

| January 03, 2020
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I hope everyone had a great holday season and better New Years! Hard to believe we are in the new decade. Thanks again for joining the Clay Financial Newsletter. 

Personal Finance Tip: 

Emergency Savings - A lot of poeple ask me how much money they should have socked away in case an emergency comes up. It really is a rule of thumb, different for everyone, becuase everyone has different monthly expenses. Some people can pull money from other resources and some cannot. Keeping at least 2 months of expenses liquid is a farily commmon amount that I see people save up but I have seen significantly more. What ever helps you sleep at night! 


 Market News: 

The stock market has reached record highs once again as we enter the new year and many investment firms believe that this will be the trand for all of 2020. Just rememeber, if anyone is telling you that they can predict the market make sure you run the other direction. Past perfomance of the market does not reflect what will happen in the future and if someone can predict the market they would be making so much money that they would not be talking to you or me!

Trade War - After months of negotiating the China USA trade deal, it seems that the two powerhouse contries have come to terms and are now in the process of signing the first phase of three for the deal. This was announced late December and is apparently being translated for it to be signed. News about the trade war has been fluctuting markets all year and with the first phase being signed it looks to boost investors confidence that the deall will bring econmic growth. 


It is now officially a US election year and that means political advertisments! Many socialy media and tech companies are taking action by not allowing political ads on their platform in order to combat fake news. This could potentially hurt certain canadates that have massive ammounts to spend on the campaign trail. 

Trump was formally impeached in the US House of Representative! He is only the third president to be impeached behind Nixion and Clinton. This does not mean trump is being kicked out of office but articles of impeachmeant will be sent to the Senate to decide if it should go to trial. With the Senate being republican majority it does not seem that impeachment will pass in the senate. 

Thank you and have terrific 2020 and a better decade!



Clay Finanancial

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